Friday, May 20, 2011

the happy hippie has sweet dreams......

To start my blog off, I am going to share my sweet dreams pillow recipe ( not all recipes are cooked!).
Now, I am sure you have either come across or own a little herbal pillow. You know, the ones with the gorgeous fabric, chuck full of lavender, and probably cost $20.00! Yeah....I have a better idea.
I simply took my pillow( the one I rest my head on ever night!), made a small opening and filled with the following herbs:

Lavender- the herb and oil is used for a variety of ailments.The scent alone is wonderful for calming both anxiety and depression, as well as relieving insomnia.

Mugwort- Every good little witch knows that this is a great herb to use for dreams! So naturally I add it to my pillow. Plus it is an insect repellent ( in case you decide to take your slumber outside).

Queen of the meadow- This herb has a very woodsy scent to it, which I think offsets the strong lavender.Typically this herb is used as aspirin, though I have not personally used it for any other reason than my herb pillow.But it is great to know that my woodsy herb can relieve joint pain!

Rose hips- I crush them up pretty well, if you don't your pillow will be lumpy.
I like the scent of roses, it has a sweetness to it. The aroma is said to ward off depression and anxiety ( much like lavender), alleviate insomnia, and overall bring comfort.

This is just the start of my blog. I will feature monthly herbs, great remedies ( for people and pets!), and even crafting ideas( like this one).


  1. Thanks! I actually made this pillow with bean! I am refreshing it today. :)