Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The July flu blues......

Well It is July. This is a time where we find ourselves soaking in the warm summer air. A time where we may go to the beach and enjoy the cool water and sun kissed sand.....oh wait, I live where July is not really that warm and inviting. I live in a place where it is normal  to have the July flu blues.                  I have to say that sleep did wonders, as it usually does. A hot shower a few times a day, to drain the nose. More tea than I realized I even had, and tissues. Here are a few things that really are helping me out this week ( Yes I am still stuffed up, but the fever is gone!).
                            Raw, Local honey- 1 -Tbsp as needed. It really soothed my throat.

                           Gaia-Bronchial wellness tea- drink as needed. I am in love with this tea! It tasted like peppermint and really cleared my chest! The last thing I wanted to do was rummage through my herb stock and create a blend. I wanted something already mad for me, and this was the one that works!

                             Lots and lots and lots of water!
 When my head is totally cleared out, I will start posting more regularly!

Friday, May 20, 2011

May- Dandelion!

In honor of the Dandelion moon of May, Lets talk about this tasty weed!

Dandelion ( Taraxacum Officinale).

This weed is often thought of as a pest, when in reality it is pleasant!
Dandelion is a great diuretic ( increase flow of urine), and often used as a remedy for the following
Urinary tract infections, diseases of the gall bladder, and liver. It is also thought to improve digestion.
*Always check with a professional herbalist, or physician before trying new remedies *

This "weed" is a great source of iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Not to shabby for that pesky little weed on the sidewalk. Which by the way.......... It is not wise to pick and eat something growing on the sidewalk, roadways, or near a busy populated area ( you just ever know what the plant could contain). If you know your plants, you can always go off into the woods or an unpopulated area and harvest that way. I have noticed that a lot of natural grocery stores no carry fresh dandelion. It is located near the lettuce, and could make a great addition to salad!

Dandelion Coffee:

  You can make your own by washing the roots, slicing them into small bits, letting them air dry for several days. Once they are completely dry, roast in the oven at 375 ( 2-4 hours) turning often so that they brown evenly. When they are done, there will be a slight coffee aroma coming from them.
  You can grind the roots and make like you would coffee!

Or how about dandelion flower wine, and dandelion wine......So many things to do with this little weed!

the happy hippie has sweet dreams......

To start my blog off, I am going to share my sweet dreams pillow recipe ( not all recipes are cooked!).
Now, I am sure you have either come across or own a little herbal pillow. You know, the ones with the gorgeous fabric, chuck full of lavender, and probably cost $20.00! Yeah....I have a better idea.
I simply took my pillow( the one I rest my head on ever night!), made a small opening and filled with the following herbs:

Lavender- the herb and oil is used for a variety of ailments.The scent alone is wonderful for calming both anxiety and depression, as well as relieving insomnia.

Mugwort- Every good little witch knows that this is a great herb to use for dreams! So naturally I add it to my pillow. Plus it is an insect repellent ( in case you decide to take your slumber outside).

Queen of the meadow- This herb has a very woodsy scent to it, which I think offsets the strong lavender.Typically this herb is used as aspirin, though I have not personally used it for any other reason than my herb pillow.But it is great to know that my woodsy herb can relieve joint pain!

Rose hips- I crush them up pretty well, if you don't your pillow will be lumpy.
I like the scent of roses, it has a sweetness to it. The aroma is said to ward off depression and anxiety ( much like lavender), alleviate insomnia, and overall bring comfort.

This is just the start of my blog. I will feature monthly herbs, great remedies ( for people and pets!), and even crafting ideas( like this one).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome friends!

Hi everyone!

  Welcome to my new herbal blog! I have decided that even though I am not able to start my business,
I am able to dream and blog while doing so! With that said, I am still in school learning about herbal medicine. The goal is to be a master herbalist when I graduate. At this time I have a ways to go, but that doesn't mean I am not preparing for my goals. With this blog, I am going to talk about what I am learning, and share with you some great remedies and seasonal ideas!