Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The July flu blues......

Well It is July. This is a time where we find ourselves soaking in the warm summer air. A time where we may go to the beach and enjoy the cool water and sun kissed sand.....oh wait, I live where July is not really that warm and inviting. I live in a place where it is normal  to have the July flu blues.                  I have to say that sleep did wonders, as it usually does. A hot shower a few times a day, to drain the nose. More tea than I realized I even had, and tissues. Here are a few things that really are helping me out this week ( Yes I am still stuffed up, but the fever is gone!).
                            Raw, Local honey- 1 -Tbsp as needed. It really soothed my throat.

                           Gaia-Bronchial wellness tea- drink as needed. I am in love with this tea! It tasted like peppermint and really cleared my chest! The last thing I wanted to do was rummage through my herb stock and create a blend. I wanted something already mad for me, and this was the one that works!

                             Lots and lots and lots of water!
 When my head is totally cleared out, I will start posting more regularly!

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